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Mistakes When Starting an Online Business

Nowadays many people try to look for alternatives to pursuing their career besides sitting down in an office. A schedule that binds you from nine to five is not for everyone; some wanted to travel the world while still making money, which they become a digital nomad. While for others they wanted to create a business that does not require a building or a store to maintain, which they become an online business owner.
In this post, we’re going to show you some mistakes on starting an online business, if you’re thinking to start one, make sure to read this article to know more what those mistakes are.

Not Having a Financial Plan

MoneyThe first mistake that one can make is not making a financial plan, which they usually disregard since they do not think about how much you need to pay to start your business, and what money do you need to maintain your business.
Your financial plan needs a list of all the money that you need, so you can start from paying on servers, website and even spending on designers or staff that will work for you if you want to avoid your first mistake make sure that you plan your finances very well.

Neglecting Customer Service

You have to know that the customer is the king, no matter how much you hate the statement. When establishing your online business, make sure that you have your customer service ready, be it via emails or live chat as this will create a feeling for your customer that help is always there in case they’re confused.

Social Media

Another mistake that one can make is that they’re not utilizing social media to the fullest. Get into the trend and make sure to spread yourself, make sure that everyone can access information about your business/products. At the same time, make sure that you use the right platform to promote your business. For example, YouTube might be a great platform to promote hotels. Meanwhile, Instagrams are excellent for products and services, make sure to do more research on platforms before you start.

Not Using an SEO Service

Sometimes we tend to endorse a local celebrity, and this is probably another mistake that can make an impact on your finances. Endorsing a local star is expensive, and not to mention you can’t reach the global market, so use an SEO Service instead as they can increase traffic, which is what new start-ups need.